How it works

Proof with  Privacy

XEBO’S platform is helping make ‘web3’ a reality.

XEBO issues digital credentials, known as Verifiable Credentials (VCs) that can be used to categorically prove in a safe and secure way something about yourself — your age, employment and financial status, ownership of something. Almost anything!

Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials

XEBO is an issuer of Verifiable Credentials (VC’s).

Think of VCs as verified proof of information related to you that is then digitally stored on your phone – ready to use.

For example, XEBO can issue a VC for your passport or driver’s licence, which is then stored in a digital wallet on your phone. You can then use that to instantly prove aspects of your identity without having to use the physical documents themselves.

Once XEBO has verified your information and VCs are issued, the technology we use means you are able to share only what you choose to, immediately in a safe, secure and trusted way, with a third party.

For example, XEBO could be used to instantly prove you’re over 18 - without revealing ANY sensitive information like your date of birth or age. Simply “YES” – you’re over 18. When online trust is important, XEBO and Verifiable Credentials can help.

How  you keep  control

With Self-Sovereign
Identity (SSI)

SSI is an approach to online identification that centres control of information around the user when proving who they are to websites, services, and apps. It removes the need for third-party providers to store personal information on central databases and gives individuals control over exactly what information they share and how.

SSI is an alternative to today’s centralised and federated identity infrastructure. It allows individuals to manage their own identity. With decentralised identity, a user receives credentials from XEBO and stores them in a digital wallet.

XEBO’s identity framework is designed for trust, using the highest cryptographic standards and universally
adopted interoperability protocols.

No more accounts, logins and passwords

Identity on the web is broken. Every site we visit requires us to create yet another login. Our choice is either one more password to remember or to hand our login over to a company that tracks our behaviour.

XEBO’s use of SSI allows individuals to identify themselves without passwords or social login. Say goodbye to the password nightmare for good!

Using XEBO’s approach and technologies, users and organisations can establish private, secure communications, free from the reach of external threats.

Users are in control of what is shared, while organisations reduce their risk, as they no longer need to store your personal information.

Discover the  future

Built on open standards and the notion of self-sovereign identity (SSI), XEBO uses technologies that are intended to put identity and online trust back in the hands of users. Our decentralised identity platform is designed for security, privacy, and inclusivity. Decentralised networks.

These networks rely on open protocols that allow you to connect privately with others regardless of the underlying technology or provider.

High-trust  online interactions

XEBO’s approach is helping transform the way we use an ever-evolving internet that impacts more and more of our daily lives.

Our platform is centred on respecting privacy and creating trust. XEBO puts you in control of your data, ensuring you are able to engage online with trust at the forefront, so you don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands

XEBO's 'How'

XEBO will produce Verifiable Credentials that allows you to share only the information you chose, while retaining complete control of your data.